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  • Watching Mothers

    22 Aug 2009 After the last blog entry we now have to put women in perspective and what you see when you watch how they mother. Although the Industrial Revolution changed everything by making life easier, our biology is the same. We no longer have to hunt or gather or grow our food (time is [...]

  • Watching Other Fathers

    20 August 2009 The period between 12 and 24 weeks is when you will begin to notice other fathers. Even if you have 6 kids already there are always things you want to learn, change or think about. In fact, once you become a dad you can become fascinated with fathering and the intricate ways [...]

  • Twelve to Twenty-Four Weeks

    18 August 2009 We’ll now get stuck into Phase 2 of pregnancy for expectant fathers. Once the uterus rises above the pubic bone then women begin to show they are pregnant rather than just feeling ‘fat’. This also has an impact on men. Remember we discussed that men are ruled by their heart and chest? [...]

  • Too Fast for Expect Mothers Too!

    16 Aug 2009 Remember we talked about how there is a divergence between the phases you have to go through, the ones your baby is going through and the one the woman in your life is going through. My job is to try to get an alignment by the time ‘the birth’ occurs because after [...]

  • Too Fast … No Choice

    14 Aug 2009 If not before … by this time … you might feel overwhelmed, pushed, wanting to pull back, irritable and argumentative. You are being asked to grow very rapidly within an incredibly short period of time. And your growth must be voluntary rather than coming from a Biological Imperative. In other words, when [...]

  • Phase 2 of Becoming a Father

    12 Aug 2009 Remember we discussed that in the earliest phase of pregnancy you, your baby and the woman you are with have slightly divergent phases … or what is happening to them. Since you are now more conscious and aware you can look back and see how very true that is. Your baby Your [...]


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