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What Childbirth Skills Are In The Pink Kit Package?

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The Pink Kit Package is a multimedia resource:

The Pink Kit Package is the only comprehensive childbirth preparation resource that focuses entirely on BIRTH SKILLS for both you as a mother-to-be and the father-to-be (friend or relative).

This resource is designed for absolutely ALL expectant parents as a skills-based tool to prepare for childbirth.

You will learn how to:
    •    Prepare a pregnant body for childbirth
    •    Gain skills together for your two important roles: birthing and coaching.
    •    Use your skills in any birth you have … including elective caesarean delivery The benefits of being a skilled mother or father-to-be are immeasurable.
    •    Know absolutely how to work with your baby’s endeavors to come out of your pregnant body into your parenting arms.
    •    Feel empowered by your abilities
    •    Reduce any doubt you have about "how to birth or coach"
    •    Have wonderful birth memories for Life and a great birth story you are proud of.
    •    Add to your baby’s well-being

Your Pink Kit Package Includes:

1 DVD … start 24 weeks onward. Watch one segment, practice and move on to another segment. Segments DO NOT need to be followed in order. Prepare your pregnant body in 8 simple to use segments.

  • Directed Breathing ... a Life skill for sure. Your lungs don't travel through your body but you can 'direct' your breathe to expand and relax specific places on your body.
  • Map your pelvis ... learn your internal shape
  • Positions are important ... more for your baby then you. You'll be surprised at what you don't know.
  • Create space side-to-side with The Hip Lift
  • Create space front-to-back with The Sacral Tilt
  • Even learn to move your Tail Bone
  • And create space if your pubic arch is narrow
  • The Pelvic Clock ... you CAN soften inside even when you feel the natural pain of contractions.

Two Audio CDs

1) The Internal Work Audio CD … start at 32 weeks
    •    …Learn the skill that prevents birth trauma to your birth canal.
2) Birth Journey Audio CD
     •    Listen to and learn from hearing positive breathing patterns through the 5 Phases of each contraction. And hear the stressful breathing too often present with unskilled birthing women. As a pregnant woman please practice from this audio resource frequently during the last few weeks of pregnancy. As a coaching dad please listen to breath changes and learn exactly how to help your partner use her breath effectively in labour.

1 CD with 40 ebooks

… you pick and choose to read what you want, when you want to.    

    •    8 Topics with 40 specific-topic booklets

    •    Father-To-Be
    •    Pregnancy: The Time Before
    •    First Pregnancy: Mothers- and Fathers-To-Be
    •    Childbirth
    •    Birthing Better: Achieving a Positive Birth
    •    After the Birth
    •    Mother-to-be
Where You'll Birth
    •    Hospital Birth
    •    Home Birth
    •    Birth Center Birth
    •    Unassisted Home Birth
    •    Transfer from Home or Birth Center to Hospital
Type of Birth
    •    From Labor to a Vaginal Birth
    •    vbac: Vaginal Birth after a Caesarean
    •    Planned, Non-Laboring Caesareans
    •    From Labor to an Emergency Caesarean
    •    From a Planned vbac to a Caesarean
    •    TABS: Trauma and Birth Stress
    •    Three Births: The Missing Birth Element
    •    Two Birth Plans: From Conventional to Skills-Based
    •    Birth Roles: Woman, Coach, and Birth Professionals
    •    Teamwork: In It Together
    •    Birthing Behaviors: Positive and Negative
    •    The Importance of Being Practiced
    •    Getting from Here to There in Labor
    •    The 5 Phases and the Bell-Shaped Curve: Time and Behavior
    •    Staying in The Now: Mindfulness, Flow, and Attitude
Pain and Tension
    •    The Whys and Hows of Pain
    •    Working with Pain
    •    Tension
    •    Relaxation
Breath, Communication, and Touch
    •    Breathing: Sustainable, Adaptable, Usable
    •    Directed Breathing
    •    Communication
    •    Positive and Negative Voice
    •    The Right Touch: Right Place, Right Time, Right Way
Body Skills
    •    Overview
    •    Bony Structure: Hipbones, Sacrum, Tailbone
    •    Soft Pelvis: Uterus, Cervix, Pelvic Floor, Birth Canal,
    •    Body Positions

Giving birth is always an activity

Any activity is best done with skills. No matter how your baby is born you can:

  • Enjoy preparing your pregnant body to be a birthing body ... how many times are you going to be pregnant? Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
  • Learn, practice and use your skills to work with your baby's efforts while being born.
  • Whatever is happening on the day of your baby's birth use your skills ... just as you use skills when you drive from point A to B. Birth is a Time journey between Time A to B. 
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