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Birth Coach

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Birth Coach

Being a birth coach has become almost a dirty word. It's not politically correct to call fathers, birth supports or birth helpers a birth coach. And so dads-to-be stand around not knowing how to help.


Being a birth coach means you've learned skills together with your birthing partner and now both of you are using them.

Sadly Birth Coaching went out of fashion when 'trusting' birth came in. Pregnant women are expected to somehow intuitively or instinctively know how best to work with their baby's efforts to be born. Hey, that's no different than letting your kid pick that pretty red berry.

Hold on a moment. Isn't birth natural? Sure. But just because birth happens doesn't mean women know how to give birth. Women need to learn. Fathers need to learn to help ... birth coaching is the best of two worlds. A truly skilled birth coach knows how to support the birthing mother and now to help her work through the activity of giving birth.

If you don't want to call yourself a birth coach, that's fine. But if you go into the birth of your baby without the skills to help then you'll find yourself standing around feeling like a third limb and your birthing partner will know you're useless. Don't let that happen.

Use Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® skills and you'll excel at being a wonderful birth coach.

Also read expectantfathersblog and gain more skills during your pregnancy.

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