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Unassisted Home Birth or Free Birth

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Home Birth

A Planned Unassisted Home Birth or Free Birth ... a delightful choice.

An Unexpected, Unassisted Homebirth ... Your Worst Nightmare?

A planned unassisted home birth or free birth can be the highlight of your life. Free Birthers take more responsibility than any other group of expectant parents.

If on the other hand your planned hospital birth ends up in an unexpected home birth or your midwife doesn't show up you want to feel safe and confident in your own skills.

The unexpected in childbirth is a reality...


... whether you are planning an unassisted home birth or accidentally have one.

''My wife got out the door, turned around and said THE BABY IS COMING! She got as far as the hall. Because of The Pink Kit Package we trusted each other and had no fear. What a difference from our horrible first birth. Totally unexpected birth but incredibly beautiful'.
Ralph and Katherine ...

'Our planned unassisted birth was made much better because we had a set of birth skills that not only enriched our experience but also gave us the deep confidence that our decision was the right one'.
Shelly and Brian N ...

Because all pregnant women will give birth, all pregnant mothers-to-be should be preparing their pregnant body to become a birthing body regardless of where or how they plan to give birth. However, an unassisted home birth or free birth requires a consciousness that other expectant families can sometimes ignore because there is always the medical back-up. If you plan an unassisted home birth or free birth you have a responsibility to yourself and your baby: you must learn birthing skills both to prepare your body and to make actual birth as successful as possible.

Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® multi-media resource gives you the essential skills you need to both enhance your experience and safeguard your baby and your body.

  • Skills always open the door to increased confidence and intuition.
  • The people with you can share the same skills and support your efforts to give birth and your baby's birthing efforts.
  • Skills build your family into an even tighter knit unit.
  • Skills can hugely reduce the potential for delayed dilation of the cervix as well as delay in 2nd Stage.

There is no way to know what your birth will be like. Throughout the world where there is absolutely NO medical care, anything and everything that happens at birth is 'normal' and 'natural' even if it's unwanted or uncommon. No matter what your preconception about birth may be, the truth is that you cannot predict how your birth with happen; what you can do is prepare to meet any challenges head on with The Pink Kit skills.

Potential risks in childbirth/pregnancy are real

Choosing to have an unassisted home birth or free birth does not exempt you for potential risks. You know that.

Being a skilled birthing woman and having a skilled birth coaching dad, friend or relative who is with you can make a huge difference in both your experience and in helping to reduce potential problems that might drive you to the hospital.

If for some reason medical concerns take you to hospital, your skills will work for you there as well.

Give yourself permission to birth well anywhere

Giving birth is not just about the place, it's about how you manage and cope with the experience.

No pregnant family likes the unexpected in pregnancy or childbirth to crop up, but it is a reality. Skills transcend 'choice' because if 'choices' need to change, skills are the behavior you can put into action, regardless of circumstances.

Skills are about how you birth not whether you birth. If you want an unassisted home birth or free birth that is far more intimate and conscious then choose to become skilled expectant parents.

Is an unassisted birth the furthest thing from your mind?

Any mother-to-be or father-to-be should be skilled at giving birth or being to help a woman give birth. Birth should not be a terrifying experience particularly if it happens quickly. Learning Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® pregnancy and childbirth skills will give you the confidence to bring your baby into the world anywhere. This doesn't mean you want to birth at home unassisted but if it happens at home or in the car on the way to hospital neither you as a father-to-be or mother-to-be should be afraid.

Expectant families who plan an unassisted home birth or free birth or unexpectedly have an unassisted home birth want the same thing ... success, safety and no fear. Preparing your body and having skills to employ if the unexpected happens can give you the positive birthing experience you long for.

Childbirth Preparation

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