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Thursday, Sep 18th

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Lesbian Childbirth Pregnancy

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Lesbian Pregnancy

Pregnant Lesbian couples love, love, love The Birthing Better Pink Kit pregnancy and childbirth skills

As a pregnant lesbian woman no matter how you conceived your baby, benefit from learning these amazing birth skills:

Breathing AND Relaxation Techniques.

Then include these equally important  childbirth skills:

  • Learn how to stay open inside your pelvis.
  • Discover the SECRET of coping with labor pain.
  • Prepare your birth canal to prevent birth trauma

And don't forget these birth skills:

  • How to work as a team with your gay partner.
  • How to work along side your birth professional whether a Nurse midwife (CNM), Direct Entry Midwife, Lay Midwife, Obstetrician and Staff Birth Professionals.

'As gay women we often feel outside the cultural norm so when we got pregnant we weren’t comfortable going to a childbirth class. We purchased The PK Package without even understanding what was in the resource. We just knew it was something we could work through in our own home. What a wonderful surprise! What we needed and wanted and didn’t even know we did'.

Sheena N. and April T ...

'As lesbians, we enjoyed working through The Pink Kit Package because it was so body oriented. We enjoyed the pregnancy together and the birth in a very special way'.
Marlisse T and Marsha Y…

As lesbian pregnant women remember this.... Whether you give birth in a  hospital, birth center or  have a home birth, YOU will absolutely have a positive birth because you’ve used your birth and coaching skills.

'Our first birth when I was pregnant was amazing thanks to The PK Pacakge. Our second birth when my partner was pregnant was even better. We became the Eternal Woman'.

Bonnie B and Denise N ...

There’s no fluff in The Pink Kit Package resources

  • Get only practical pregnancy and childbirth skills that will amaze, inspire and direct you toward your positive birth experience.
  • All expectant parents can have a more conscious and inspirational birth. Lesbian pregnant women can use this Woman’s knowledge to achieve a heightened sense of oneness.
Childbirth Preparation

Pink Kit Stories

A fantastic kit
The Pink Kit is truly a fantastic resource for pregnant women and their partner who want to take control of their birthing experience ... and this does not mean having a home birth or anything like that. The skills gave me the confidence to have our beautiful baby girl without the anxiety and uncert...
Mindy Brogrough